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Petrotahlil:DOP rate in Iran market due to 1,705 tons, 2EH of Shazand petrochemical supply reached to 300 thousands IRR /Kg. it's rate had rised up to 370-380 thousands IRR /Kg either. last week, final purchase rate for 2EH in IME was 178,000 IRR /Kg, 80 thousand IRR were more than the base rate. according to news sources probably Shazand supply , again is 1,705 tons that If this quantity is released again on the IME, there will be drop in DOP rate to 220-230 thousands IRR /Kg. meanwhile in this field most of activists believe that real rate of DOP is 140-150 thousands IRR /Kg and said Reducing rates has faced  the DOP market with momentum.

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