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Petrotahlil-According to Petrotahlil, recently, deals of 2EH, has had many edges in IME so that most of DOP consumers express concern about high competition and Threats of manufacturers Based on stopping or reducing supply. nevertheless, tomorrow, a meeting will be held due to Agreement on 30-40% compulsory competition for 2EH purchase by consumers permanently. it seems, This agreement is more likely to happen to the consumer's fear of a manufacturer's threats or Reduce supply. in the other hand global price for DOP in region is around 1,120 $/ton. but high competition for 2EH purchase in recent months has achieved the rate to 160,000 IRR +9% VAT in Iran market. In the current situation, it looks like the real price should be around 130,000 IRR +9%VAT in Iran market.

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