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Petrotahlil - Indian state trading agency MMTC has called a purchase tender requesting long-term urea supply direct from producers.

The tender, on behalf of the Indian government, requests 1mn t/yr (with a 10pc tolerance) of granular or prilled urea for a minimum of three years, extendable for another two years.

Offers are to be submitted on an fob trimmed basis. Final prices are to be based on published Middle East assessments or equivalents minus a discount.

The tender closes on 22 April, with price offers to be opened the following day. Validity is requested until 22 June.

Only producers with a minimum 2mn t/yr production capacity, or their direct marketers, can participate. Producers in sanctioned country cannot participate.

Around 2mn t/yr of urea is shipped to India from Oman based joint venture producer Omifco, but the existing contract with the Indian government will expire in June.

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