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Petrotahlil - The rate of urea has tangible leap by declaring india for it's second tender to collect a million ton of urea by the end of July, concurrent with Pakistan demand and more stable request in Southeast Asia.

According to Petrotahlil, This price jump occurred in the months which usually has no increase. it means from middle of April-June rates place in minimum. but this year despite the usual process we saw rising prices.

At the moment rate of urea for CIS (FOB)where has no sanctions reached to 265-270$.rate for USA (CFR) reported around 300-310$ and China (FOB) price 290-300$/Mt.

Therefore urea market condition is favorable although sanctions caused that Iran Urea can not directly take part in India tender and Stay out of this global increase.

Despite unusall favorable  condition of Urea market, Ammonia market is weak and rates dropped.

Ammonia rate as FOB,for persian gulf amd also Baltic and Black Sea is around 220-230/Mt.


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