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-May PVC market sees mostly increases of €15-20. -Overall supply is sufficient on tepid demand. -June C2 expected higher. -Players discuss June outlook. -Local PVC k 67-68 (€/ton): spot 850-965 | GA net 860-1015.


Tight supply, robust demand keep PVC firm in India, SEA. 

-Import PVC prices stable to higher on week. 

-Asian producers mostly sold out for June. 

-Chinese supplies tight on several shutdowns. 

-Vietnamese producer lifts local offers for June. 

-Philippine Resins to start up additional capacity in July. 

-Far East Asian k67 ($/ton): 860-900 CIF India | 845-910 CIF SEA.


Local and import PVC follow opposite paths in China. 

-Local PVC down CNY100-150 on week. 

-Waning demand blamed for softening. 

-Tightness continues for local PVC. 

-Import PVC remains stable to firm. 

-US PVC offers flat on week. 

-Import k67 ($/ton): 830-865 CIF.


May PVC prices mostly absorb half of C2 in Italy’s market. 

-Deals concluded with hikes of €15-20. 

-Demand is not in line with the high season. 

-Voices for firmer C2 settlement emerged. 

-June PVC outlook is still uncertain.

-Local PVC (€/ton): k67 880-970| k70 905-1000 FD.


Egypt’s local PVC producers unveil H2 May offers with decreases. 

-EPC and TCI Sanmar offers both down by EGP500. 

-Import offers remain more or less unchanged. 

-Uptrend in import market expected to lose momentum.

-Distribution market down by EGP700. 

-Frail demand continue to hinder the market. 

-Import PVC ($/ton): 835-870 CIF.


Turkey lowers additional duty on US PVC. 

-Extra duty on US origin down to 25%. 

-Brazil faces supply constraints. 

-Firmer prices foreseen from US sources. 

-Buying appetite remains thin, local PVC soft. 

-Small hikes expected for June European C2.

-Europe k67 ($/ton): 880-890 CIF. 

-US k67 ($/ton): Sell ideas 840-855 CIF. 

-Local k67 ($/ton): 1100-1115 inc VAT.


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