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Mass liquidity entrance to bottle grade market In the absence of speculators.

Meanwhile in Iran market  PET (bottle  grade) has reached to record of 270،000 IRR /Kg, that last week, in IME, contest for purchasing bottle grade wrote on 60،000 IRR  more than previous week. therefore, the offers around 120،000 IRR, had purchased up to 200،000 IRR /Kg, which has been unprecedented in previous years. last week bottle grade  Unconventional competition cause to reach 50،000 IRR /Kg price difference between open market and IME which was a historical events. however most of dealers in this field who were able to invest 50 billion IRR ،have been arrested and a large content of tax codes has been closed. but still,  it seems that liquidity content of IME purchasers is so high that most of manufacturers are not able to provide. also it seems, price increase pressure, Depreciation of the riyal against the dollar and also  Expect more price growth for new year, caused that most of purchasers  in petrochemical market want to buy polymer products and store them in warehouses. 


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