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Petrotahlil - Rate of PVC in iran market has reached to 95 - 96 thousands IRR /Kg while market has record and exchanges are hard to do. Due to the reduction in consumption volume and increasing dollar rate in Nima system also, many of purchases take place to store and sway market affected by prospect of  closing Nima rates to Sana system.

According to Petrotahlil, this is while that also today, 65 grade base price passed over 73 thousands IRR /Kg, 57grade closed to 100 thousands and 60 grade reached to 78 thousands IRR. provisions about iran PVC market is still rising prices despite the news of closing dollar rate in Nima system to Sana and  setting up the organized exchange market. meanwhile, most of export PVC shipments goes to next door countries. PVC producer rates was 805 $/mt, CIF Nhava sheva, India. the third export party of Arvand petrochemical by content of 5 thousands tons, sent to india. of course india market will be probably affected by monsoon storms by next week.


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