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The Corona virus cheapens Iranian polyethylene destined for Turkey

Petrotahlil - While asian PET cargoes to Turkey faces with reduction because of Corona virus and Continuing the holiday in China that americans record rises to same destination.

According to Petrotahlil, Although Iran cargoes to Turkey faces with rate reduction but some american HDPE cargoes are cheaper than Americans in turkey market.

Iranian cargo rates is around $870-880/mt CPT Turkey and americans by $10 more reached to $860-880/mt. also Uzbekistan cargoes rates by reduction of $910-920/mt. Iran HDPE rates fell to $870-880/mt for CPT turkey. and americans rised up to $880-890/mt either for LDPE Iran cargoes $860-890 and americans $870-890/mt.

American injection LDPE is around $870-880/mt for CPT turkey. also due to some iranian traders, loading some of Iran cargoes to china has been canceled..

However seems that, China petrochemical industry surrounded by Corona and concerning high export level of Iran petrochemicals to china the eyes are on it's market.

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