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The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) is expected to publish formal notice today that it will not extend the exclusion of Chinese plastic injection molds from a 25% tariff that was granted on Dec. 28, 2018. The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA; Indianapolis) announced that it strongly supports reinstatement of the tariffs and applauds the Trump administration for heeding the calls of more than 150 American mold builders who filed comments supporting the tariffs.

“This is an important victory for AMBA, its members and all small downstream manufacturers who have felt the pressure from China for years,” said Kym Conis, AMBA Managing Director. “The Trump administration is doing what others have not—standing up to China. It heard our members loud and clear—the U.S. mold building industry has the capacity and expertise to fill any orders placed.”

AMBA filed comments in November urging the administration to reinstate the 25% tariffs that it first imposed on Chinese plastic injection molds in July 2018, then suspended for 12 months last December. The USTR issued its decision not to extend the plastic injection molds exclusion for another 12 months today ahead of the December 28, 2019, deadline. It followed an overwhelming response from American mold builders, which stated they have the capacity, technical expertise and ability to deliver any molds ordered.

“Today’s action by the Trump administration shows that manufacturers can make a difference when they stand up and are heard by policymakers in Washington,” stated Conis. “With over 1,400 mold builders in this country and nearly $500 million in open capacity, America’s mold builders, with the tariffs back in place, now can compete on more equal footing.”

The Office of the USTR received 152 formal comments from mold builders and other stakeholders in support of reinstating the tariffs out of over 180 filed specific to “Carveout 3,” plastic injection molds (Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code 8480.71.8045).

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