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Petrotahlil - Polymer rate drop around 820$ for HDPE injection , 920$ FOR HDPE blow moulding & 940$ for film HDPE(CFR) in China could effect on global polymer consumers market.

According to Petrotahlil, China is the greatest polymer importer in the world so influence of the world's polymer market from this market trend is certain.

Therefore it seems intensive rate drop in China helps other countries polymer.

Stop Turkish Polymer Buyers and expecting a rebound in prices. 

On the other hand it seems ICIS pricing for turkish petrochemical market is slightly beyond the reality of the market and delayed. so that in real trade market we saw a drop in the price range of $ 80 in most of polymer production grades.

Also  Iraq, CIS, and Afghanistan have stopped polymers purchase and offer lower price than Turkey ICIS which are operational prices.

Suggestion for re-export products from China to Europe & turkey rised up.

Meanwhile Increasing the price difference between some polymer grades in China and other countries reached to 150$/Mt.

Forecast of senior petrochemical market analysts

They believe that If the US and China do not agree, imaginable world's base price for polymers will be around 850-880$ which is  unprecedented in the past ten years in petrochemical market. 

Also European market continues downward trend and market activists believe this trend will be continued and price range will be around 850-900$ for polymers. 


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