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Ethane supplies from Saudi Aramco have returned to normal levels Thursday, several petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia announced in statements made on the Saudi stock exchange, Tadawul.

Petrotahlil :The companies which made the announcements were Sipchem, Saudi Kayan, Tasnee, Yansab, Sabic and Petro Rabigh. However, no statements were made so far from Sadara and Advanced Petrochemical Company.

Feedstock ethane supply to these firms was cut after Saudi Aramco's core oil facilities were attacked two weeks ago. The attacked oil field also produces and supplies gas for petrochemical production, and the country's petrochemical industry was particularly hit by the gas supply cut.

Feedstock ethane supplies have been reduced by 16%-50% just after the attacks.



Key production: 

Ethylene: 1.3 million mt/year

VAM: 330,000 mt/year

AA: 400,000 mt/year

LDPE: 400,000 mt/year

Saudi Kayan 

Key production:

Ethylene: 1.5 million mt/year

Propylene: 430,000 mt/year

PP: 350,000 mt/year

PE: 600,000 mt/year

National Industrialization Co (Tasnee) 

Key production:

Ethylene: 1 million mt/year

Propylene: 740,000 mt/year

PP: 450,000 mt/year

PE: 800,000 mt/year

(Note: Combined capacity of Saudi Polyolefins Company and Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company)

Yanbu National Petrochemical Company (Yansab) 

Key production:

Ethylene: 1.3 million mt/year

Propylene: 400,000 mt/year

PE: 900,000 mt/year

MEG: 700,000 mt/year

PP: 400,000 mt/year

Benzene, MX toluene: 250,000 mt/year

Butene-1 and butene-2: 100,000 mt/year

Saudi Basic Industries Corp (Sabic) 

Key production:

Ethylene: around 9 million mt/year

MEG: around 6.1 million mt/year (including JV)

Petro Rabigh 

Current feedstock supply cut: 20% from 8%

Key production:

Ethylene: 1.6 million mt/year

MEG: 600,000 mt/year

PE: 1.06 million mt/year

PP: 700,000 mt/year


Sadara Basic Services Company (Sadara) 

Current feedstock supply cut: 10% from 16%

Key production:

Ethylene: 1.5 million mt/year

PE: 1.1 million mt/year

Advanced Petrochemical Company 

Current feedstock supply cut: 20% from 40%

Key production:

Propylene: 500,000 mt/year

PP: 450,000 mt/year

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