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Petrotahlil - Export price for Iran GPPS has offered 1070$/Mt  EXW & 1095$/Mt FOB but in domestic market, Record due to falling prices affected by Nima system USD rate and also lower offer than IME caused market face to reduced purchasing content.

According to Petrotahlil ,at the same time, also the rumor of falling prices for next week is one of the reasons for more market stagnation. of course Tabriz Petrochemical GPPS  is supplied by %3 base discount in IME which is approximately the same with market price.

GPPS In Iran domestic market offered around 125 thousands IRR this week. it's exchange rate was around 129,700 IRR with out Tabriz discount.

However, GPPS producers market more than once belonged to Iraq of course HIPS market face to more demand due to high consumption of dairy factories in Iran and

Price range for this item in local market is around 145-146 thousands IRR. 


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