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Players question sustainability of firm ABS trend in China
• Import ABS hits highest level since early Nov 
• Buyers resist higher offers 
• ACN stabilizes at 3-month high 
• Spot butadiene plunges almost $150 in 2 weeks 
• Styrene slightly up on week despite fluctuations
• Import prices ($/ton): 1580-1675 CIF


Import ABS market maintains uptrend in SEA
• Suppliers remain firm on their offers 
• Mounting resistance on buyers’ side 
• ACN prices stabilize after 5 weeks of gains 
• Styrene indicates weekly increase 
• Butadiene down further by $65 on week
• Import ABS inj. ($/ton): 1590-1650 CIF
European ABS players: sellers may target fresh hikes in April
• Prices remain flat on the week 
• March business wrapped up mostly €30-50 higher 
• Turnaround season, rising costs may push SM up in April 
• April butadiene contracts agreed €40 higher 
• Weak fundamentals may keep in check possible hike targets next month 
• Ineos Nitriles’ FM on ACN from Cologne is still in place
• Import (€/ton): S. Korea inj. 1500-1550 DDP 
• Local ABS (€/ton): ext., inj. 1600-1690 FD


Weak fundamentals still weigh on Italy’s ABS market, despite costs
• Sellers revise their offers down further 
• Stagnant demand, ample supply put pressure on the market 
• A few fresh deals see stability to €20-30 monthly hikes 
• Butadiene contacts settled up by €40 for April 
• April expectations emerge stable to slightly firmer for ABS
• Import ABS (€/ton): S. Korea ext., inj. 1500-1550 DDP | MEA ext. 1500 | inj. 1550 DDP 
• Local ABS (€/ton): ext. 1560-1640 | inj. 1550-1630 FD


Import ABS prices firm up in Egypt on strong styrene
• Import ABS stable to firm by $20 
• Local market steady amid cautious sentiment 
• Liquidity issues hamper sales, inquiries still limited 
• USD/EGP eased by more than 3% since Jan 2019
• Import ABS ($/ton): 1600-1650 CIF


ABS offers emerge visibly higher for April in Turkey
• April butadiene settled €40 up in Europe 
• Import ABS hits nearly 5-month high 
• Low end of local ABS faded 
• Players cautious amid parity fluctuations
• Import (N) ($/ton): Korea ABS 1650 CIF 
• Local (N) ($/ton): 1700-1800 not inc. VAT


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