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⚫SEA’s import ABS market hits 4-month high on rising ACN

• Import ABS prices rise $30 on week 

• Spot ACN hits $1750 CIF China level 

• Positive China-US trade outlook 

• Buyers remain on sidelines 

• Butadiene falls $80 on week

• Import ABS inj. ($/ton): 1570-1600 CIF



⚫Surging ACN pushes ABS prices higher in China

• Import market up $30-55 on week 

• Deals are limited amid thin demand 

• ACN surges more than $200 since late Jan 

• Butadiene slumps $80 on week 

• Chi Mei plans to start up new ABS plant in China

• Import prices ($/ton): 1575-1650 CIF



⚫Poor demand, ample supply defy surging costs in Italy’s ABS market

• Market faces opposite factors on weak fundamentals, surging costs 

• Sellers’ initial hike targets proved to be unworkable 

• March deals see stable to €30-40 higher prices 

• Slow end-product business discourages fresh purchases 

• Supply remains comfortable

• Import ABS (€/ton): S. Korea inj. 1550 | ext. 1480-1500 DDP | Malaysia inj. 1520-1530 DDP 

• Local ABS (€/ton): ext. 1570-1650 | inj. 1560-1640 FD



⚫ABS market stuck between rising costs, weak fundamentals in Europe

• Sellers revise their initial offers down 

• Increases of mostly €30-50 pass on March deals 

• Buyers either skip or limit their purchases 

• Stocks at sellers’ side remain high 

• Firmer expectations emerge for April on higher costs

• Import (€/ton): S. Korea inj. 1500-1580 DDP 

• Local ABS (€/ton): ext., inj. 1600-1690 FD



⚫Turkey’s import ABS market trades below China

• Players wait to receive new April offers 

• Pre-election lull kicks in 

• Firmer costs, reduced supplies hold market firm 

• Turkey lacks premium over China

• Import (N) ($/ton): Korea ABS 1570-1600 CIF 

• Local (N) ($/ton): 1650-1750 not inc. VAT



⚫Liquidity issues weigh on local ABS offers in Egypt

• Import ABS offers steady after last week’s slight gains 

• Distribution market levels plunge by EGP1000-1500 

• Higher upstream costs kept sentiment firm 

• Buyers remain sidelined despite approaching high season

• Import ABS ($/ton): 1580-1650 CIF




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