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Petrotahlil-Today,  in Iran market PVC price  (FOB, BIPC) reached to 10،000 IRR /Kg and it seems to be continued in coming days. of course PVC price of  BIPC also reached to 105,000 IRR /Kg because of forward supply of this complex and lack of shipment in Iran market. also in IME forward supply of BIPC by delivery On 25th March, was purchased 75،000 IRR. but Arvand  prompt delivery was transacted 73،750 IRR. Concerned about the depreciation of the Rial against the dollar pushed most of traders to purchase petrochemical shipments at the end of the year. on the other hand, increased  demand for Iran PVC market make desirable conditions for PVC producers concerning stock of some  complex at the end of the year.

It seems also Ghadir petrochemical conditions  are stable after managerial  changes in this complex. some news sources report the VCM supply for this complex by BIPC. also it is said that shortage of it's EDC shipment will resolve by Arvand. This is while Arvand's extra EDC production was always sent to Ghadir in the past years, In this way, the production chain was completed in these complexes. Therefore the question arises as to why import is taking place in such a situation formerly.


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