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Decreasing BOPP film consumption in Iran propylenes market record

Petrotahlil-Iran polypropylene market affected by asian price drop, continued it's downward trend, so that  pp textile grade are valued around 110,000-120,000 IRR/Kg and Copolymers around 

150,000-160,000 IRR/Kg. Also in IME, textile grades and Copolymers purchasing price is about 90,000-10,000 IRR. 

According to Petrotahlil, drop in oil prices and polymer products in asian market, reduce USD rate in Iran open market, and also security atmosphere in Iran market because of devaluation of IRR against USD and reducing Iranian 

purchasing abilities and complexity of us sanction against Iran are the reason of changes in Iran polymer market. 

However that Iran polymer market has faced many fluctuations in recent months and now more of polymer market comes down. PP and Copolymers are also associated with a record and saturation of domestic market after a period of turbulence. as of this week after falling  base prices in IME we saw the supply of textile grades by base of 90,000 IRR and transaction at the same price. in the other hand textile grade of JPPC and Navidzar Chimi are entered in matching and no buyer left. one of the Iranian producer  believes that, BOPP consumption  for food industry has decreased because of reducing people purchasing power affected by devaluation of IRR against USD. in the other hand, due to records of PP, pipe grade usage in construction section  impressed and has put the producers under pressure. How ever that the rate of PP. Copolymer RP340 in Iran market has reached at 160,000-170,000 IRR in Iran market. some of PP producers says that because of turmoil in PP market  recently and selling these products by the rate of 

4،200 USD in IME when that the dollar rate raised up to 190,000 IRR in Iran open market, exporting  PP producers such as SHAZAND, JPPC, MPC, NAVIDZAR,but POLYNAR and REGAL have stopped  it and reached to a quarter. ofcourse,  Turkey is always at the top of countries which are Iran   PP textile grade purchaser. therefore Iran petrochemicals are more looking to promote their  sales share in Turkish  market  more than ever in sanction conditions. Export price for PP textile grade, 552R and JPPC 548R injection grade has  reported around 1280 USD /ton this week. also JPPC export grade of 3130 UV is 1320 USD / ton. meanwhile some PP producer petrochemicals refuse to declare the export rate and say that,  the volume of their exports has decreased in recent months. At the same time the news of TPCO overhaul can be effective on polynar PP producer complex for the next one or tow months and will reduce the production  volume in this company.


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