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Concerning The sanctions ;

According to Petrotahlil, since the beginning of 2019 Urea market has had a downward trend and at the moment experiences weak market compared to the second half of 2018.

Petrotahlil - According to Petrotahlil, CIS FOB prices is reached to 235-240 $, meanwhile exporting Urea  rate for North America and Brazil is around 230-235 $. 

It is expected that urea market continues to decline or reach ti price stability. also because of USA sanctions, Iran exporting Urea rate determined around 190-215 $/ton due to difference of usage and weight. 

At the moment North American market are purchasing Urea from global market by low price and high quantity. china keep the FOB price of 280 $ due to Domestic consumption. also Southeast Asia don't purchase Urea shipment from China and prefer to buy low quantity from Malaysia and Indonesia. Brazil also has the weak market. Iran shipments also is dealing as re export in different international waters.


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