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• Taiwanese major cuts May offers by $40 to India • Indian buyers sidelined amid elections • May offers from Indonesia to SE Asia down $30 • Chinese PVC loses competitiveness in SE Asia • Crude oil futures remain strong • Far East Asian k67 ($/ton): 850-880 CIF India | 810-820 CIF SEA

Import PVC hits multi-year lows in China after May pricing
• Taiwanese major cuts May offers by $30 
• The size of price reduction exceeds expectations 
• US PVC down by $10 on week, forming low end 
• Import PVC market at lowest level since Aug 2016 
• Lower import prices put pressure on local market
• Import k67 ($/ton): 800-830 CIF


Increases at par with half of C2 pass on PVC in Europe
• Hikes of €15 pass on deals 
• Spot ethylene stable at around seven-month high 
• Limited PVC supply for a few producers on tight C2 
• Voices for higher C2 contracts surface for May
• Local PVC k 67-68 (€/ton): spot 840-945 | GA net 840-995


April deals closed slightly firmer in Italy’s PVC market
• Most deals settled €15 firmer 
• Minor hikes of €10 pass on a few deals 
• Calm demand ahead of festivities 
• Expectations for a firmer ethylene outcome emerged 
• Fresh import offers, done deals for Mexican and US PVC
• Local PVC (€/ton): k67 880-950| k70 890-990 FD


Egypt’s local PVC producers announce rollovers for H2 April
• Import PVC offers give back some of earlier gains 
• Disappointing demand curbs firming trend 
• Local PVC prices steady for 3rd month
• Import PVC ($/ton): 811-840 CIF


Early PVC expectations for May offer mixed bag in Turkey
• Asia sees $30-40 cuts from Taiwan for May 
• European k67 on high end found unworkable 
• Players at odds about next month’s outlook 
• Buyers: End demand lags behind last year
• Europe k67 ($/ton): 900-930 CIF 
• US k67 ($/ton): 820-830 CIF 
• Local k67 ($/ton): 1120-1140 inc VAT


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