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Production of polypropylene (PP) in Russia increased to about 1.88m tonnes in 2020, up 31% compared to 2019, with the increase driven by SIBUR's ZapSibNeftekhim complex, according to MRC ScanPlast.

Six out of eight producers increased their capacity utilisation, while two producers decreased production volumes.

SIBUR Tobolsk Polymer’s PP production reached 505,100 tonnes in 2020, up 8% year on year, while overall ZapSibneftekhim sales of PP totalled 444,600 tonnes.

Poliom's Omsk plant’s PP production totalled about 184,200 tonnes over the stated period, down by 14% year on year.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim ’s overall output of polymer reached 219,700 tonnes in the twelve months of 2020, compared to 211,700 tonnes a year earlier.

Tomskneftekhim total PP production by the producer increased to 148,300 tonnes in January-December 2020, up 1% year on year.

Ufaorgsintez' overall output of polymer reached 120,300 tonnes in January-December 2020, down 6% year on year.

Neftekhimiya 's PP output in 2016 reached 149,800 tonnes, up 9% year on year.
Stavrolen's overall output of propylene polymers increased in 2020 to 111,000 tonnes from 105,200 tonnes a year earlier.

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