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Petrotahlil -- Polypropylene (PP) imports into Belarus increased 6.1% (about 36,200 tonnes) across all grades in the first four months of 2020 compared to the same period a year prior, according to a MRC’s DataScope report.

Overall imports of propylene polymers reached 36,200 tonnes in January-April 2020, compared to 34,100 tonnes a year earlier.

Demand for all PP grades increased, with homopolymer of propylene (homopolymer PP) accounting for the greatest growth

April PP imports to Belarus amounted to about 9,200 tonnes – a month earlier, this figure exceeded 9,600 tonnes.

April imports of homopolymer PP reached 6,200 tonnes versus 6,900 tonnes a month earlier.

Purchasing of injection moulding homopolymer PP decreased in Russia under the pressure of quarantine restrictions.

Overall imports of homopolymer PP reached 25,600 tonnes in the first five months of 2020, up by 6.6% year on year.

April imports of propylene copolymers to Belarus were 3,000 tonnes versus 2,600 tonnes a month earlier.

Local companies increased their procurement of injection moulding PP PP block copolymers from Russian producers.

This lead to overall imports of propylene copolymers reaching 10,600 tonnes over the stated period, up by 4.9% year on year.



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