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Petrotahlil - The Swedish power-to-fuel company has successfully raised over 2.7 million SEK (€260 000) through their second crowdfunding round. Over 250 individuals have now invested in Liquid Wind to support the development of carbon neutral fuel facilities and accelerate the transition from fossil fuels. Large logistics and transportation companies have expressed interest in using the fuel to achieve their sustainability goals. The sustainable fuel project is supported by an expert consortium, including Haldor Topsoe, Siemens, Nel Hydrogen and Carbon Clean Solutions.

Liquid Wind will set up commercial-scale eMethanol facilities. Each facility will efficiently convert biogenic CO2 and renewable electricity into carbon neutral fuel. eMethanol is a liquid fuel making it easy to store, transport and use in shipping, road transport or the chemical industry.

Liquid Wind plans to follow the business model used to successfully scale the wind power sector. They will develop and structure eMethanol facilities for project financing, to attract infrastructure investors. Each facility will be organised as a special purpose vehicle with long-term contracts for CO2, power and sale of eMethanol (eMPAs, eMethanol Purchase Agreements), as well as the appropriate permits.

Liquid Wind is planning the first eMethanol facility in northern Sweden, which they expect to be operational from 2023. They plan to develop five further facilities in Scandinavia before 2030, at which point the model will be replicated and licenced internationally. The company is open for investment and plans to close their Series A investment round at the end of July 2020.



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