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Record breaking for PE production and Revenue at Aryasasol / Construction of 300 thousand ton polyethylene unit by mid-1401.

Petrotahlil - While, 5% of the shares of Aryasasol Polymer Company will be offered on the Tehran Stock Exchange on Wednesday this week, which the company was able to produced about 1.8 million tons of ethylene, LDPE ,HDPE and +C3 and has earned 90,000 billion rials last year. The company's income in 1398 increased by about 52% compared to the previous year. Aryasasol polymer has achieved a net profit of more than 42 thousand billion rials.Therefore, it is expected that due to the appropriate quality of profit and the stable and upward trend of profitability in this large company, about 90% of net profit will be distributed among its shareholders every year.

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