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Petrotahlil - Indian state-controlled refiner MRPL has issued an export tender offering 8,000t of polypropylene (PP) grades, its second for April.

The tender, issued today, offers 5,000t of raffia and 3,000t of injection molding for loading over 16-31 May. The cargoes will be sold on a New Mangalore ex-works basis.

MRPL had earlier issued a similar tender on 3 April, offering 3,000t of raffia, 3,000t of injection molding and 1,000t of TQ film grades.

Transportation of all goods will be allowed during India's current Covid-19 lockdown but it remains a challenge to deliver PP to consumers because of manpower shortages. All public transportation services remain shut, making it difficult for employees to return to work. India's lockdown is due to end on 3 May.

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