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Westlake Chemical has started up polyvinyl chloride production expansions at plants in Louisiana and Germany, CEO Albert Chao said Tuesday

Petrotahlil - "We have started up our previously announced vinyls expansions in both Germany and Geismar, Louisiana," adding 340,195 mt/year of capacity, he said during the company's quarterly earnings call.

He said the Geismar expansion "provides us a higher degree of integration by consuming a greater portion of our flowing into the production of PVC, which broadens our global sales channels."

The Geismar plant's previous capacity was 272,155 mt/year. The company has not specified how much of the total expansion at both Geismar and Burghausen, Germany, is at Geismar, but sources expect the bulk of that new output has been added to the Louisiana plant.

PVC is a construction staple used to make pipes, window frames, vinyl siding and flooring and other products.


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