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China's Hengli Petrochemical is starting up today its 2.5mn t/yr No.4 purified terephthalic acid (PTA) unit at Dalian.

Petrotahlil :Feedstock paraxylene (PX) has been fed into one of the two production trains at the new unit, with Hengli targeting to achieve on-specification product in one or two days. The second train will also come on stream in one or two weeks if the first train operates smoothly.

This No.4 PTA unit started construction in late 2018 and will operate along with the existing three units at Dalian.

Hengli will operate 9.1mn t/yr of PTA capacity with the start-up of the No.4 unit. The 2.5mn t/yr No.5 PTA unit is also being built and plans to start up in May this year.

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