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Petrotahlil :Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corp. has launched a dedicated polyolefin elastomer foam for footwear that it claims is suitable both for sports and casual shoes.

Fortify C11075DF and Fortify C05075DF POEs combine the properties of elastomers, such as flexibility and low compression set, with thermoplastics properties including process ease and recyclability. With their consistency, low density and high-performance properties, the materials can provide stable foamability, high resilience and compression set, which typically enable greater bounce and durability.

The products also can be used selectively for most foaming processes, including compression molding to injection molding, which are dominant in the footwear industry, the company added.

"DF stands for 'dedicated footwear'," said Frank de Vries, Sabic global foam & lightweight leader, "and Sabic is… the first to provide a unique, tailored foamed solution for the mid-sole and insole market."

Sabic, according to de Vries, is focusing on footwear, backed by its knowhow and foaming technologies.

The company is interested on speaking with leading brand owners and their value chain partners, such as sole producer, on how to work on the development, de Vries added.

With approximately 70 percent of global sports and casual shoes production based in Asia-Pacific, Sabic said it was "actively interacting" with key brand owners and visiting their value chain partners to discuss our footwear solution for future innovation.

Sabic said it had received very enthusiastic feedback from the footwear industry, and aimed to increase collaboration with footwear companies to develop solutions together.

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