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According to Petrotahlil, HDPE injection in china market entered by 700$ and reached to 790-800$/mt, CFR.

Petrotahlil :Also LLDPE  indicated 800-820$/mt and LDPE films 850-920, HDPE Blow Molding 810-890$/mt, CFR.

As china polymer market is based on CFR, Port and shipping costs will be deducted around $70 so petrochemicals net back Reduced to $ 700.

In the other hand Iran petrochemical cargoes are sold by $ 10-20 discount to china market and and it actually makes the price of polymer products up to $ 600, as FCA. 

For example, HDPE injection in china market which reached to $790/mt this week, $70 is deduct for freight and THC costs and also discounts. as a result seems polyethylenes are going to reach $600.

This way we will actually see the netback of some petrochemical products and their drop up to $600.

In Turkish market also polymers continues to fall such that F7000 which always has highest Iran exporting PE rates, dropped down to $930.

Most of petrochemical experts in Iran believe as tensions continue between the US and China pressure on petrochemical market rises there is possibility of polymers drop a down to $600.

Meanwhile the crisis of falling prices, makes problems for petrochemicals due to export. the sharp decline in the yuan price and rates drop caused to  concern over a new record in global markets.

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