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Petrotahlil :Mitsui Chemicals Inc. has appointed German distributor Bieglo GmbH to market its Aurum-branded thermoplastic polyimide powder (TPI) in Europe, including Switzerland and the UK.

The ultra-high-performance polymer has an extremely high glass transition temperature (Tg) of 245°C and offers outstanding mechanical and chemical properties across a wide range of temperatures, Bieglo said in a 21 Aug statement.

Compounders and other converters with the capability to melt-process polymers at elevated temperatures can use Aurum to produce parts with superior thermal and mechanical properties, the company added.

Typical applications are high-performance washers, ball-bearing cages, dry bearings, seals and gears, where mechanical & tribological properties and temperature resistance are very important.

Due to low traces of outgassing and metallic impurities, the material is also usable for advanced coatings and clean-room applications.

The product can be compounded and converted like other thermoplastics for use in aviation, automotive and other industries.

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