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China PVC prices stable ahead of likely firmer Sept offers. 

• Taiwanese major expected to raise Sept offers

• Maintenance at Korean major tightens supply

• Producers don’t have surplus volumes

• Import ($/ton): 830-870 CIF


Tightness prevails in Sept PVC outlook in India, SEA. 

• Import markets stable to slightly firm in India, SEA

• Japanese PVC offers firm up on tightness, duty advantage

• Weaker rupee puts upward pressure on local PVC in India

• SEA market stuck between dwindling supply, thin demand

• Far East Asian K67 ($/ton): 870-940 CIF India | 860-890 CIF SEA


PVC opens August on a stable to firmer note in Italy. 

• Aug C2 settled with an increase of €10

• Initial PVC offers emerge slightly higher

• A few buyers already closed Aug deals with rollovers

• Demand is subdued on summer period

• Local PVC (€/ton): k67 825-910 | k70 860-940 FD


Sellers’ initial Aug offers defy expectations in Europe’s PVC market. 

• Sellers announce €5 higher offers for Aug

• August ethylene contract settled firmer

• Buyers will push for rollovers in Aug deals

• Buying sentiment is still calm

• Local PVC k 67-68 (€/ton): spot 815-900 | GA net 825-990


Holiday lull dominates Turkey’s PVC market. 

• US PVC mostly unchanged on week

• Higher C2 in Europe fails to improve sentiment

• No fresh offers heard from Europe

• Overall demand remains stagnant

• Eyes on Taiwanese major’s Sept announcement

• Europe k67 ($/ton): 860-870 CIF

• US k67 ($/ton): 830-840 CIF

• Local k67 ($/ton): 1050-1100 inc VAT


Egypt’s local PVC producers announce H1 Aug offers with rollovers. 

• Import offers steady on lower costs

• Local offers also unchanged on quiet activities

• Both EPC and TCI Sanmar keep offers flat

• Approaching Eid weighs on sentiment

• H2 August offers awaited stable to softer

• Import PVC ($/ton): 840-870 CIF


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