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Uptrend gains speed in China PET market
• PET prices up for third week in a row 
• Export, local prices up 6-7% on week 
• PTA prices jump, supporting weekly PET gains 
• China’s PET stocks are low
• Export ($/ton): China 1010-1045 | S. Korea 1030-1040 FOB


PET market jumps higher on costs in SEA
• Import PET offers rise $40-50 on week 
• Import PET offers below $1000 threshold disappear 
• Spot PTA prices up further by $30 on week 
• Chinese sellers maintain firm stance on low stocks 
• Thai producer hikes local PET offers
• Import PET ($/ton): 1000-1060 CIF


PET demand improves on hot weather in Italy
• July PET offers are currently stable 
• MEG fully agreed €25 lower for July 
• Hot weather helps demand to recover 
• Sellers may seek increases on better demand
• Local PET (€/ton): 950-1010


European PET prices stabilize amid better demand
• July prices show up with rollovers 
• July MEG closed down by €25 
• Better demand on warmer temperatures 
• Higher imports don’t catch buyers’ interest 
• Buyers think that downtrend is not over yet
• Local PET (€/ton): 950-1010


PET prices rise further in Turkey, sustainability under discussion
• Import origins move towards $1050 CIF level 
• Local producer raises list prices by $25 
• Sellers aim to recover their margins 
• Large buyers wait on the sidelines 
• Import offers on the high end failed to work
• Local PET ($/ton): $1170-1200 not inc VAT 
• Import PET ($/ton): China 1050-1060 CIF


Small gains seen in Egypt’s import PET offers
• Prices below $1000 disappear 
• EIPET offers climb $10-70 from last week 
• Distribution market steady 
• Higher PTA and crude oil strengthen sentiment
• Import PET ($/ton): 1000-1100
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