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Petrotahlil :

SEA’s PE market rema­ins under pressure from ample supplies

• Initial July offers announced lower in Indonesia 

• Malaysian producer cuts July prices to local market 

• China’s PE sentime­nt cautiously recove­rs 

• Spot ethylene still bearish 

• Outcome of G20 to be closely monitored


Higher futures, crude oil boost PE sentiment in China

• Dutiable PE offers largely stabilize 

• HDPE, LLDPE prices from Thailand up $25-30 

• Local market recovers from 10-year low 

• Domestic supply levels decrease 

• Players keep a close eye on G20


European PE players sidelined ahead of July ethylene

• June business wrap­ped up with decreases 

• July C2 and PE pri­ces expected €50 down 

• Weak costs, PE fun­damentals support be­arish outlook 

• Sellers: recent hi­ke in naphtha prices might mitigate down­turn 

• Demand might not improve on approaching summer period


Italy’s PE retains weakness amid bearish July outlook

• Players wait for July C2 settlement 

• June contract deals closed with rollovers to small drops 

• PE, C2 awaited with decreases of around €50 for July 

• Recent rally in naphtha prices might hinder downtrend 

• PE market remains weak amid sluggish demand


Mid-Eastern PE playe­rs expect further de­clines in July

• June deals closed steady to soft 

• Weak cost, poor de­mand weigh on July expectations 

• US cargoes more co­mpetitive than Mid-E­astern origins 

• No supply concerns reported


July PE expectations offer a mixed big in Turkey

• New Mid-East offers awaited next week 

• Talks for a nearing bottom fail to revive activity 

• Buyers: Prices may still have room to lose in July 

• Sentiment in China improves on trade talks, firmer oil 

• Expectations for European C2 call for declines


June offers emerge steady to soft in Afr­ican PE markets

• ELEME keeps PE off­ers steady for June 

• Demand remains poor in post-Eid holiday period 

• Weak costs, comfor­table supplies keep bearish outlook 

• Back-to-back buying strategy effective


July PE offers awaited softer in Egypt amidst poor activities

• June deals closed, July offers awaited with drops 

• Distribution market steady to EGP300-500/ton soft 

• Slow end-product sales kept purchases limited 

• Bearish outlook persists amid global weak trend




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