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Petrotahlil - Petrobras has resumed the sales process for two fertilizer plants after a favourable ruling from a court, the Brazilian state energy producer said on Friday.

In the latest ruling, the 24th Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro revoked an earlier injunction that halted the sales process, Petrobras said.

The two plants are Araucaria Nitrogenados (ANSA) and Nitrogen Fertilizer Unit III (UFN-III).

ANSA is in southern Parana state. It produces 1,975 tonnes/day of urea, 1,303 tonnes/day of ammonia and 450 cubic metres/day of ARLA 32, an automotive liquid reducing agent.

The construction of UFN-III, in Tres Lagoas in southeastern Mato Grosso do Sul state, was suspended.

The plant had been expected to produce 3,600 tonnes/day of urea and 2,200 tonnes/day of ammonia.

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