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Petrotahlil - Yesterday, PVC producer succeed to sold average of their 50% supply in IME.

It seems, Iran local market record and falling USD rate in Nima system which severely reduced the margin for the smuggling of these products, are the reasons for not paying attention to these products are considered. this is while only the 560 tons supply of Ghadir petrochemical was completely purchased by traders. of course 57grade of Abadan petrochemical was traded by %39 competition and final rate of 121,230 IRR. 

Although it's competition reduced %6 compared to the previous week but still this item's rate is around 150 thousands IRR/Kg considering low supply and domestic market shortage and rate difference of 15 thousands IRR between market and IME is impressive. import rate of Korea for this grade offers around 1000$/Mt that It is not economical for importers, however seems the only way to control the market is rising supply of  Abadan 57 grade. Abadan weekly supply of 200 tons shows that this complex is able to produce 30 tons of 57 grade daily which is very small digits.


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