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PVC sentiment remains firm in India, SEA on supply woes

• Import PVC prices stable to $15 higher on week 

• Rainy season approaches in India, Vietnam 

• Holiday lull in Indonesia, Malaysia 

• Tightness keeps market on firm side 

• Players expect slightly higher July offers

• Far East Asian K67 ($/ton): 875-900 CIF India | 860-910 CIF SEA


Suppliers maintain firm stance on import PVC prices to China

• Sentiment for import PVC supported by tightness 

• Trading for import PVC thin prior to July pricing 

• Players expect slight increases on new offers 

• Local PVC starts June on a stable to soft tone 

• PVC futures plunge CNY240 on week

• Import k67 ($/ton): 830-860 CIF


PVC sellers approach the market with rollovers to small increases in Europe

• June C2 settled stable 

• Initial June offers emerge with rollovers to slight hikes 

• Buyers reluctant to purchase at firmer prices 

• Players hope to see better demand given the high season

• Local PVC k 67-68 (€/ton): spot 850-955 | GA net 860-1015


Italy’s initial PVC offers are stable to slightly firmer for June

• June ethylene contract closed with rollovers 

• PVC sellers started to reveal their June offers 

• Stable to firmer prices surface the market 

• Overall PVC supply is sufficient

• Local PVC (€/ton): k67 880-960| k70 900-990 FD


Egypt’s import PVC market still firm, local prices hold steady

• Import PVC market up slightly by $5-10 

• Distribution market remains steady 

• Players start leaving their desk for Eid holiday 

• Tight liquidity keep purchases limited

• Import PVC ($/ton): 840-880 CIF


Sentiment for PVC firms on sellers’ side in Turkey

• European major seeks surprising June hikes 

• US PVC posts notable increases as expected 

• Braskem’s outage props up sentiment 

• Buyers see smaller hikes more digestible

• Europe k67 ($/ton): 930-950 CIF 

• US k67 ($/ton): 865-875 CIF 

• Local k67 ($/ton): 1130-1160 inc VAT

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