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2EH market outlets

Some news sources report the entrance of around 10-15 containers of 2EH imported cargoes to Jebel ali and suggest that probably their entrance to Iran takes 2 weeks.

Petrotahlil:While today Petrochemical Specialized Committee, Increased  2EH supply of Shazand to 200 mt /week that rate of DOP reaches to 310 thousands IRR in Iran domestic market. According to market experts real rate should be 130 thousands IRR / Kg and current rate is two and a half times more than real rate. they confirm that %60 of DOP producers closed or half closed and lost their export targets. DOP consumers said that Farabi PC was the only purchaser for 2EH of shazamd PC before , but now, 30 buyers are waiting for slight supply of Shazand every week.

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