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China's Ministry of Commerces Monday set preliminary anti-dumping duties on phenol imports from the US, the EU, South Korea, Japan and Thailand, the ministry said on its website.

Petrotahlil - With immediate effect, the imports will have duties imposed in the range of 11.9%-129.6%, the announcement said.

China launched the anti-dumping investigation on March 26, 2018, and on March 23, 2019, announced that the investigation period would be extended by six months until September 26.

Preliminary ant-dumping duties:

Country/region Company

US Ineos America LLC 129.6%

US Blue Cube Operations LLC 125.4%

US all other companies 129.6%

EU Ineos America LLC 82%

EU Ineos Phenol Belgium NV 82%

EU all other companies 82%

S Korea Kumho P&B Chemicals 13.9%

S Korea LG Chem 13.3%

S Korea all other companies 23.7%

Japan Mitsui Chemicals 81.2%

Japan all other companies 81.2%

Thailand PTT Phenol Company 11.9%

Thailand all other companies 28.6%


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