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Petrotahlil - Today DOP price reached to 230 thousands IRR /Kg  with %9 VAT after fluctuations in 2EH deals while news narrating 3000 tons  import of 2EH by Shazand petrochemical. probably exporting this shipment according to special shipping circumstances with tankers will take 45 days from SEA, Taiwan or Thailand. there is also the issue of storing this cargo in Farabi reservoirs. 

According to Petrotahlil, it seems importing 2EH by Shazand and consolidated price supply in IME is more to increase the base rate. while most of 2EH consumers are satisfied to increase the base rate of this item considering the rate of 100 thousands IRR for Fetalic and believe If the supply of Shazand petrochemical is carried out regulated, With a content that is responsive to market demand, they have no objection to increase base rate of this item. it seems visiting half closed production units affected by increasing rates in Semnan by minister of industry, mine and trading and the last meeting in ministry is the reason for DOP market tracking  and of course it's export ban from june

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