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Petrotahlil:While PCs rise up to 500.000 IRR /Kg in Iran market that, by supply cancellation of Khuzestan Petrochemical this week in IME, these group of productions also going to be Behinyab.

According to Petrotahlil of course traders in Iran domestic market indicate the serious reduction of importing PC shipment quantity and it's rate in free market offer up to 60.000 IRR /kg.

Some others say, in Iran market due to rising of importing PC because of Exchange price fluctuations and not efficient this product to be imported, many of consumers replace PET to produce sheets, plexiglass...this matter could effect on PET market and rising rates.

However it is said, many of producers Influenced by the rate growth of imported polymer products in Iran market are not able to purchase & product anymore and have reduced their purchase quantity.

Reduction of importing PC in high quantity and rising it's rate in Iran market, has sharply increased the demand for it. of course commercial manager of Khuzestan Petrochemical in an interview with Petrotahlil told that, Khuzestan can Can provide Iran's domestic market demand in the absence of imported PC.

Mr.Kimasi:Khuzestan faced with high demand for purchase of PC from co consumers but nonetheless, production capacity of PC is 2.000tons monthly.

He said further: base on official statistics, amount of PC imports to Iran in recent years was around 15-20 thousand tons per year and the production capacity of this item in Khuzestan is more.

According to his speech, production quality of this complex also is higher than the similar Samples Imported From Korea.

At the moment two gardes of PC extrusion 710 &injection 1012 which is used in automotive industry, has major consumers and their qualitative confirmation is also taken.

Meanwhile, it seems export of Khuzestan Petrochemical reduce duue to increased demand in Iran market. this is while that PC export content of Khuzestan in 1397 was %80.

However in Iran market most of traders Express concern about Increase in prices and decrease the content of production  units because of export problems and exchange fluctuations. in the other hand there are concerns about the quota of petrochemical products in IME and some of consumers declare that quotas and purchasing productions by some special one's and Price difference between stock market rates can make rents for specific people.


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