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Petrotahlil - Last week Copolymers of Navidzar & Regal, RG, ZB, ZR grades sequentially by %61,%53 & %51 competition in IME which are significant digits.

Although supply rate for Copolymers is around 11,000 IRR /Kg, but trader contest made it expensive up to 180,000 IRR /Kg.

According to Petrotahlil in domestic market also rate of PP Copolymer reported around 200,000 IRR /Kg. Textile PP however had more calm market which was competed between %29-%38 that most of that was related to one's by 3-6 MFI used in packaging.

Meanwhile in Iranian PP domestic market as traders say, supply content dropped and market has no more tolerance. Dollar fluctuations, no market provision for next months are reasons of purchasers to retreat. nevertheless rate difference of PP in IME and market for textile grades still declare more than 20000 IRR. for packaging also is around 150,000-160,000 IRR /Kg.

Some traders refer to lack of some Copolymers in PP market and say, stock of those Copolymers Which are used in production of pipe, has reduced in domestic market and this matter is one of the reasons of rising rate of MR & 440L grades.


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