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Petrotahlil:Today, jumbo PVC of Arvand petrochemical , by Breaking prices record in recent months and IME, in highest competition level, %13,reached to 74,000 IRR /Kg which is 10,000 IRR, more expensive than base price of this item.

In second level of highest competition, there were Arvand pallet PVC by%10 and then forwarded PVC of BIPC by %9.

Considering forwarded supply of BIPC and That Arvand jumbo is 500 IRR less than it's pallet, The most competitive purchase was done by traders. meanwhile also ıran PVC market by price increasing, reached to 94,000 IRR /Kg. it seems considering the  intolerance of Iran domestic market recently, today competition has occurred to Stimulating the market and encourage traders to buy at higher rates.


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