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Turkish players: Is American PVC close to bottom?

• Tight prompt supply keeps k70 strong 

• US k67 down further in Turkey, rebounds in Egypt 

• European market dealt with small hikes before Easter

• Europe k67 ($/ton): 900-930 CIF 

• US k67 ($/ton): 810-850 CIF 

• Local k67 ($/ton): 1130-1150 inc VAT


PVC buyers in India, SEA unresponsive to price hikes from China

• Chinese PVC firms up after Jiangsu explosion 

• Offers from Taiwan stable on week 

• India elections to start on April 11 

• Thai buyers away from market due to Songkran 

• Crude oil futures hit 5-month high

• Far East Asian k67 ($/ton): 870-880 CIF India | 840-880 CIF SEA


Uptrend for local PVC gains momentum in China ahead of May pricing

• Local PVC posts larger increases on week 

• Buying sentiment improves after VAT cut 

• Futures, tightening safety measures supportive 

• Higher carbide costs, bullish crude add to firming 

• May pricing expected with rollovers to slight losses

• Import k67 ($/ton): 810-860 CIF


Larger PVC hikes prove to be unworkable on flimsy demand in Italy

• Most producers revised their initial offers down 

• Hikes of €15 started to pass on deals 

• Margin recovery may prove to be unworkable 

• Buyers not in a hurry to purchase on weak end-demand 

• US, Mexican import offers emerged at competitive prices

• Local PVC (€/ton): k67 880-965| k70 900-1005 FD


Import PVC offers change direction in Egypt

• TCI Sanmar announces decreases of EGP200 for H1 April 

• Import PVC market up by $10-34 on restricted supplies 

• Distribution market levels unchanged for 2nd week in a row 

• Demand remains thin amid slow end product sales

• Import PVC ($/ton): 820-840 CIF


Most PVC sellers step back from initial large hike requests in Europe

• Initial hike attempts of €30 failed to pass 

• PVC dealt mainly with increases of €15 

• No room for margins recovery on sellers’ side 

• PVC supply sufficient despite limited C2 

• Demand is still calm

• Local PVC k67-68 (€/ton): spot 845-960 | GA net 845-995


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