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⚫Exxon working with Israel to develop floating LNG export facility

Exxon Mobil is in discussions to build a platform that would expand the export reach of Israel’s biggest natural gas field.

⚫Brazil to pay Petrobras $9 billion in oil contract settlement. 

Petrobras will get $9.06 billion to settle a deepwater contract dispute with the government, ending years of negotiations and paving the way for the majors to access crude deposits in the area.

⚫LNA Warns Of “Terrorist Attack” On Libya’s Oil Crescent. 

⚫Gazprom raises gas exports to France by 58% in five years. 

⚫Iraq’s burgeoning crude exports become factor in OPEC policies. 

Iraq has quietly emerged as the world’s fourth-biggest oil producer and wants a bigger say in OPEC and the global energy game.

⚫Prompt DFL flips to backwardation on structural N. Sea crude tightening. 

⚫Saudi Aramco's MTBE trading volume likely to rise after Sabic purchase. 

⚫Russia's Sokol crude premiums rebound in Asia on lower supply; stronger Structure. 

⚫Japan favors Abu Dhabi over Far East Russia for light crude oil. 

⚫SABIC Thermoplastic Materials At Forefront Of Aircraft Manufacturing. 

SABIC Thermoplastic Materials At Forefront Of Aircraft ManufacturingAirlines are seeking competitive advantages to be gained from the enhanced inflight experience – particularly in the form of increased cabin comfort – both in premium and economy classes. Additionally, airlines are looking to capitalize on product differentiation through strong branding and distinctive interior design.

⚫Breakthrough In Chemical Recycling of Polystyrene By INEOS Styrolution. 

Breakthrough In Chemical Recycling of Polystyrene By INEOS StyrolutionThe company’s goals are: Milestone in the company’s efforts to reduce post-consumer styrenic waste; First production of virgin polystyrene from only depolymerised material; Project contribution to INEOS Styrolution’s ambitious efforts related to resource efficiency, recycling and reducing the ecological footprint.


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