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PET prices slightly up in SEA despite weak costs

• Import PET stable to $15 higher on week 

• Offers from China up on limited availability 

• Offers from S. Korea flat for 6th week 

• Spot MEG falls further by $30 on week 

• Local PET in Indonesia, Vietnam slightly up

• Import PET ($/ton): 1110-1150 CIF


Egypt’s PET offers slide down on weaker costs

• Import PET market down further by $5-20 

• Weaker local pricing on heels of softening imports 

• Buyers hesitant to purchase 

• Activity remains calm despite high season

• Import PET ($/ton): 1120-1180 CIF


Import PET erases slight losses in Turkey

• Feb PET imports down by 4% m-o-m; up by 4.3% y-o-y 

• Demand slackened after buyers secured some stocks 

• Sentiment remains firm, players brace for possible PET hikes 

• Eyes on China, feedstock markets

• Local PET bottle ($/ton): 1375-1400 cash | 1475 60/90 days 

• Import PET ($/ton): China 1140-1160 CIF


Demand to take central stage in setting April PET trend in Italy

• March deals concluded €10-20 up 

• PET sentiment is not strong for April 

• Slow demand, softer costs weigh on PET market 

• Outlook for demand is blurry

• Local PET (€/ton): 1100-1150


European PET players approach April with cautious stance

• Spot and contract deals settled slightly higher in March 

• Fresh April offers awaited mostly stable 

• Demand remains calm, supply is comfortable 

• Buyers: PET prices may decrease under current conditions

• Local PET (€/ton): 1100-1150


Chinese PET sellers take firmer stance on prices

• PET bottle gains $15-25 on week 

• Limited stocks support price increases 

• Demand gradually improves amid high season 

• Spot MEG down $30 on week 

• Korean PET offer stable for sixth week

• Export PET ($/ton): 1100-1140 FOB China



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