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Formosa Plastics is slated to launch a turnaround at the 513,000 mt/year polyvinyl chloride plant at its Baton Rouge, Louisiana, complex next week, according to sources familiar with company operations.


A company representative was not available for comment Wednesday.

The work will come after Shintech and Westlake Chemical recently wrapped up PVC turnarounds that started in February, sources familiar with operations at those companies said.

Representatives of those two companies also did not reply to requests for comment Wednesday.

Shintech finished work at its 1.445 million mt/year PVC plant in Freeport, Texas, and Westlake concluded a turnaround at its 331,122 mt/year PVC unit at its Geismar operations.

Westlake is expanding PVC output at Geismar. The project is part of a cumulative addition of 340,195 mt/year of PVC capacity at three plants -- Geismar as well as Burghausen and Gendorf in Germany.

Westlake has not broken down how much capacity will be added at each plant, but a source familiar with company operations said the bulk of that new output will be at Geismar.

The Geismar and Burghausen expansions are slated to start up this year, followed by Gendorf in 2020, according to the company.


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