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Petrotahlil-This week while the rate of Acetic acid reached to 79،000 IRR/Kg that,  last Wednesday 805 tons supply of Fanavaran petrochemical by the base rate of 30،000 IRR /Kg was purchased double, 60،000 IRR, by dealers. of course some transportation companies reminded Fanavaran overhaul at the same time considered cash sale of this complex in this situation. on the other hand, also IME ignored  high price competition for Acetic acid. it seems double competition of Acetic acid in IME have send rising rate signals to Domestic market. this is while that Fanavaran managing director in an interview with Petrotahlil informed about 12 days overhaul and Preventive maintenance of Acetic acid production line In the last two weeks and told that since yesterday Acetic acid line started and the Wednesday's cash sale is done from Fanavaran stock.


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