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Despite increasing PVC rate in Iran market and ARNAND Petrochemical overhaul in November

Petrotahlil- By an increasing PVC rate in Asian markets and GCC region, also Iranian market faced with price growth despite the records after a period of decrease.

As Petrotahlil,this week ,PVC price in Iran market affected by Asian’s and also determine the PVC base price in IME based on GCC region, has faced with 20 USD increase and also USD  price experienced 6،000 IRR/kg  growth compared to last week in Nima system.that way, PVC grade 65 base price, reached to 70،390 IRR/ kg in IME to supply. This increase cause to reach the price of this item to 87،000 IRR from 82،000 IRR / kg in domestic market until the last trading day last week.

Meanwhile, PVC rate in Asian market reached to 880 USD/ ton current week .

In Iran market PVC price is still stagnating and deals are slow.

It seems that exporters currency recursion rules ( currency recursion problems) by petrochemical producer exporters to Iraq and Afghanistan is the main reasons of this record. Most of experts are unanimous that ,until the reform of cumbersome rules of export currency recursion to Iraq and Afghanistan is not resolved, can not be expected to Iran PVC market mobility.

In the other hand, exporters pointing to lagging problem of shipments transportation in the custom and told : export committee has made problems for exporters either and most of shipments take 10-15 days to transfer from Iran custom, and this matter has made a lot of problems for most of exporters. Therefore it does not seem that increasing PVC price in Iran market can make significant mobility. In the otherhand,in global markets, due to new year holiday, expecting fluctuation in rates dropped.

In Iran market, Arvand Petrochemical has entered to overhaul process since 22 Nov. And considering of 8،000 tons store of this complex and a record, it does not seem that PVC market face to deficiency.

Nevertheless, it is said that ,maybe this week exporting thunder be announced by Iranian PVC producer petrochemicals.

Iran exporting rate of PVC for India  is reported around 850-860 USD/ton. also BIPC and Arvand exporting rate is reported around 860-870 USD/ton (Exw) for CIS countries. considering positive demand in PVC market probably after January holidays, asian markets have positive trend.

Of course due to increasing USD rate in unofficial Iran market up to 126،000 IRR now a day and increasing PVC rate, dealers believe ,probably demand for Iran PVC market will increase for this week.

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